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Keep your baby’s skin hydrated for longer with moisturising multi use dry oil!

by Noelle OConnor on

A gentle massage can do wonders to your baby – it can calm your little one’s skin or ease her tummy, and even give her proper nourishment. And all this depends on the type of moisturiser you pick.

Naturally when you become a new mother you are going to have a million questions about how to take care of your new bundle of joy! When it comes to your precious baby we at Tan Organic know that you only want to use the safest and healthiest products on your baby’s delicate skin! Tan Organic moisturising multi use dry oil is a safe and 100% natural moisturising oil which will leave your baby’s skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated for longer. This is because body oils contain no water, which means they will be absorbed by your baby’s skin straight away.

The multi-use dry oil is wonderful alternative to mineral oil and has no harmful chemicals in it such as paraffin, paraben or artificial colours, which many other baby moisturisers have. Instead this dry oil consists of eight plant oils such as argan oil, macadamia, rosehip, sweet almond, orange peel, avocado, jojoba seed and hemp seed.

Another benefit of the multi-use dry oil is that it is a multipurpose oil so it can be applied to your baby’s hair and nails too to give them nutrients for healthy hair and nail growth which is essential at a young age. Plus, it also smells fabulous!

Tan Organic moisturising multi use dry oil is available in Boots stores nationwide or for purchase on our website here.

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