Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to

Frequently Asked Questions

We want your order to be in your hands as soon as possible! But due to couriers and delivery times we can’t always have what we want. This is an estimate of how long it will take for an order to get into your hands dependent on where you’re living:

Ireland - 1-3 Working Days

UK - 3-5 Working Days

Europe - 5-7 Working Days

Rest of the World - 7-14 Working Days

Good news! Our product range is suitable for all skin types! As we are the only completely certified organic self-tanning brand in the world. We have not a single harsh chemical in any of our products that will dry out or irritate the skin. We are packed full of hydrating products like seed oil, rosehip oil and so much more skin loving ingredients. A recommended product range for persons suffering from dry, sensitive skin and conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

All our products are combined with hydrating, natural, and organic ingredients! Our skin loving ingredients are nourishing to all skin types. However, in the unfortunate case that you have had any type of skin reaction we wouldn't want it to go unnoticed! Please send us an email to with all the information about your reaction along with a picture and we will get back to you!

We are always happy to discuss new partnerships! If you would like to get in touch about opening an account with us please email all the information including your company name, link to your website and any additional info that may be helpful to us to

TanOrganic is a world first! We are growing every day while people are understanding the importance of natural and organic products and their impact for healthy skin! If you want to partner with us or if you’re an influencer that would love to share the love for our organic product range to your followers, please don't hesitate to email at:

Amazing news! We are the preferred tan to use while pregnant! Up to 64% of product applied to your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, and luckily enough all our products are compiled completely of natural and organic ingredients with absolutely no chemicals, toxins, or alcohol! Our natural range will add to your pregnancy glow!

As our tan is completely chemical free and has no unnatural ingredients or colourings, we are the preferred tanning range among persons undergoing treatments. We feel like TanOrganic will help people going through chemotherapy feel that little bit better in themselves; giving them a natural, organic glow. We would love to try to help improve the well-being and confidence of all people undergoing chemotherapy.

We care about the earth as well as our skin and we are so happy you do too! We use completely recyclable packaging on all our products! However, sometimes our couriers’ packaging requirements force us to use resources outside of this realm. We don't have the power to change this, and unfortunately, there is no other way of getting our products into your hands! If you would like any info on our packaging please don't be afraid to contact us at:

Whether you are a first-time tanner or just want all the tips possible to make your tan look flawless and natural, we got you covered! Our team always recommend exfoliating prior to tanning (have you checked out our unbelievable exfoliating mitt that you can use wet or dry?) We then recommend moisturizing with our multi use dry oil, to get your skin prepped and ready. And then for the fun part... The tan! Our Self Tan oil is our easiest application product, no glove, no mitt, nothing! Just your hands. Put some onto the palm of your hand and massage into your body. The lotion and mousse can both be applied with our luxury Application Glove that will give you a streak free, flawless finish! Let it dry and develop and you’re ready to go! If you would like some more in depth tanning tips please follow:

Get your desired color first time around! We currently have three core tanning products and we like to call them ‘light to dark’. The Self-Tan Oil would be our lightest shade in the range. It is a clear oil which develops into a beautiful natural glow. Giving an amazing tint to the skin while giving you a natural sun glow! Our Self-Tan Lotion would be a ‘Medium’ shade, it has a color guide to the product and will develop in 6-8 hours! If the lotion is too dark, we recommend showering after 4 hours to prevent further development! The darkest shade in our range is still a very natural color, we want to steer clear of the tango orange look so it is a natural looking dark shade. If you prefer the mousse application over the lotion but want a lighter color we recommend you shower within 4 hours! All of our products build beautifully as well, so if you would like a darker shade just apply two layers!

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