What is Silk Oil?

Silk Oil is the world’s first luxurious spray body treatment.

It is a premium luxurious moisturising treatment that will leave your skin velvety soft, hydrated and with the most natural colour on the market.

Based on our revolutionary TanOrganic Self-tanning oil, Silk Oil is another world first.

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Benefits of Silk Oil:
  • Silk Oil will give an intense moisturising body treatment, for 7-10 days of ultra moisturised skin.
  • Skin that looks and feels like SILK.
  • No need to shower off afterwards as it’s a moisturising dry oil.
  • Absolutely zero transfer onto clothes or bed linen.
  • A natural fresh citrus scent with NO FAKE TAN SMELL.

All SILK OIL by TanOrganic tan treatment clients also receive a 25 ml top-up product to add an additional layer the next day, if a deeper colour is desired. This top-up can also be used to prolong the length of the tan by topping up a few days later, as required ensuring a tan treatment that can last up to 3 weeks.

Silk Oil is made wholly from natural and organic ingredients so...
  • NO fake tan smell
  • NO transfer to clothes or sheets
  • NO drying agents
  • NO perfumes or fragrances
  • NO parabens
  • NO phthalates
  • NO harsh synthetic ingredients

How it works Silk Oil by TanOrganic is a 2 part professional tanning treatment which makes it unique to all other self-tanning products on the market; it is not just a self-tan, but a self-tan treatment.

Part 1: The client gets tanned professionally using a spray tan gun or else the tan is manually applied, depending on the preference of the salon or client. As it is a moisturising body treatment, it can also be applied during a massage for the ultimate luxurious treatment with the added benefit of being the most natural looking tan in the market.

Part 2. The client is given a 25ml top up bottle of tan to take home (worth €11.20). This top-up can also be used to prolong the length of the tan by topping up a few days later, as required, or to add an additional layer if a deeper colour is desired. Silk Oil by TanOrganic contains 10% DHA.

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